Places to visit

  • Kalimpong
  • Gangtok 
  • Darjeeling
  • Pelling 
  • Lachung
  • Yumthang

Best things to do

  • Have an amazing GoechaLa trekking experience
  • Witness the mountains while paragliding in Gangtok
  • River rafting in Teesta river
  • Have a delightful cable car ride
  • Take a relaxing bath at Yumthang hot springs

Time & Duration

Best time to visit :

October to May


Suggested duration :

8 to 12 days

  • It is a wonderland blessed with natural abundance from icy cold deserts, flowering alpine meadows, to lush green forests and emerald mountain lakes.
  • Sikkim has an equally rich and diverse demographic structure with myriad of communities and religions and intricately knit colourful cultures, the basic connecting factor being the warm, welcoming nature of the people everywhere.
  • The chimes of bells in the temples and the flutter of prayer flags in the monasteries create a feeling of righteousness and healing of spirit and soul.
  • The river valleys and verdant forests to alpine meadows with rainbow of flowers blooming in monsoon; to the ice barren high glaciers and cold deserts – the vistas are endless and captivating for a visitor who is taken aback by such splendour.