Splendid 6N/7D

  • Melbourne (4N)
  • Sydney (2N)

Highlights 8N/9D

  • Melbourne (2N)
  • Gold Coast (2N)
  • Cairns (2N)
  • Sydney (2N)

Super Value 10N/11D

  • Melbourne (3N)
  • Gold Coast (3N)
  • Cairns (2N)
  • Sydney (2N)
  • The wild and beautiful Australia is known for its iconic road trips, the colour palette of landscapes, vibrantly soulful cities and the majestic reef.
  • Stunning beaches, iconic landmarks, green spaces and picturesque landscapes make up the beautiful country
  • It is one of the most-loved places in the world and offers endless things to see and do for curious travellers and locals alike.
  • Embark upon an enthralling Australia tour which will give you loads of happy memories to take back home with you.